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In The Race of life

In the race of life we all have to learn
so we watch and listen until it's our turn
and when number 18 shines on us
we grab the torch with the slightest touch
and when your race is over you pass the torch
for the next generation can go further of course.

  In The Living Years

In the living years we should take the time
To say the things that’s on our mind
But to wait until death is so routine
Because that’s easier or so it seems
But every now and again we remember a time
And have that loved one on our mind
And out of guilt we drop some tears
And wish it was said in the living years.

2 Rappers Gone Home

So deep was the talent so short was the time
their memories still lingers on in my mind
The lyrics I gave much respect
because both stood above the rest
from writers who's published to writers unkown
we still feel love for you
eventhough you're gone home.

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Kelley Gibbons
Writer since 4/1985


 Precious Time
  We'll meet again but until then
always remember you are my friend
but I must move on to go get mine
and not take for granted
    "Precious Time"
Kell Gibbons

From the time you wake up you think about it
and start contemplating your day
with no idea which way to go
just hoping things go your way
looking up and down the street
trying to find a fix
be satisfied with ten dollars,
maybe eight, even six
to some people it's a habit
or maybe an addiction
but without it, your life is full
of confliction
everyone do it in their own way
just trying to survive another day
some people do it without
moving a muscle
don't let your mind run wild
it's all just a hustle.

Kell Gibbs

I Kept Thinking

A week and a day was all I knew
and I kept thinking
what was he going to do
treat me so right until I fall in love
But this is just a dream I'm thinking of
And I kept thinking; this is it
finally I can sit back and feel content
Love he gave to me each day
Until he started to fade away
And I kept thinking
though the phone calls was few
until I realized
their is nothing I could do
So I live on without tears of weeping
but for some strange reason
I kept thinking.